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The rate of locality provided by the use of domestic production and materials is at the level of 80 percent.



We provide Engineering and Consultancy services in the field of design, development and application for complex projects that include Mechanical, Electronic and Software processes in line with the needed requirements


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It is used in many fields such as search and rescue, defense, oil and natural gas industry, finding fallen ship cranes and anchors, and scientific research concerning the under sea and above sea.


It is safely preferred for dam and underwater exploration or in areas where divers cannot reach or in risky environments.

Underwater Research

It plays an important role in many areas such as monitoring underwater creatures and coral formations.

Offshore Wind Turbine

It is used to maintain and repair new generation wind turbines installed in the oceans and seas.

Domestic Unmanned Underwater Robot AKROV-300

Autonomous Unmanned Marine Vehicle AKBOT-180

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Giant Step Forward in the Seas with the AKROV-300 Marine Vehicle

With our advanced engineering solutions, we develop advanced technology devices and systems that enable observation, exploration and operation in the most challenging water resources.